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Chef’s Bite restaurant and bar is a vibrant restaurant that serves up fresh and unique fusion cuisine. We opened our restaurant with the intention of offering a big city dining experience in a little community at a reasonable price. We serve Fusion Food, which includes Italian, Western, and Indian dishes. Every day, we provide freshly prepared food and never utilise anything that has been cooked and preserved.

Our goal is to serve delicious food in a wonderful setting at a reasonable price. There is some good news for you, kids. We are devoted to children. As a result, we’ve made some wonderful offers to our darling children. We will give you a complimentary kid’s meal if each adult orders their meals at regular pricing.

And For you adults, we’ve created happy hours for you every weekday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. What will bring you joy? All drinks are discounted by 40% during those hours. What more could you want from a restaurant?

Chef’s Bite Restaurant

We began with the goal of providing a luxurious dining experience to everyone at an accessible price. This restaurant is the realization of our dreams, and we are proud of it. You’ll find a mix of flavors here. Experts hand-picked all of the cuisines and included them into our menu. We sought to maintain their genuineness while attempting to differentiate them.

Our goal is to provide joy to everyone through our delectable creations. To some measure, we have achieved our goal. At Chef’s Bite, you can taste the fusion of tastes.

what we make

the menus



Chicken wings in three flavours, traditional dry ribs, nachos, onion rings, potato crisps, chicken fingers, classic poutine, butter sauce poutine, Buffalo Chicken Caesar wings, Gyoza, crispy fried chicken with fries and gravy, all these are appetizers.

Gyoza: This is an Asian dish that is found in both Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Dumplings are comparable to this dish. Served with sweet chilli sauce and thinly wrapped flatbread packed with minced chicken. This dish is both delicious and healthful.


Chef’s Bite Burger, Double Cheese Burger, and Chef’s Bite Buffalo Chicken Burger are among the burgers available.

Chef’s Bite Burger: This is Chef’s Bite Restaurant’s signature burger. Brioche bun and beef patties as filling are the main ingredients. Cheddar cheese and mayonnaise lend richness to the burger, while veggies like tomato and lettuce add crunchiness. Taste this flavour and marvel at the wonders of burgers.




Sirolin steak sandwich, fish and chips, New York striploin steak, Bacon Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, Ginger Beef, Teriyaki Rice Bowl, Butter Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, pan fried quesadillas, AAA aungus beef steak sandwich and Chicken Biriyani are available under the entrée section.

Pan Fried Quesadillas:   This is a traditional Mexican dish. Pepper, onions, black beans, corn, and Monterey jack cheese complement the grilled marinated chicken or beef. Sour cream and tomato salsa are served on the side.

Hands down my favourite restaurant in legal! Their Quesadilla and Bite Burger are absolutely to die for!! Highly highly recommend
Natalya Solina
Absolutely loved the butter chicken. It was so tender and rice was cooked perfectly. Instant favourite!
Jess Daniels

HWY 2 & 651
Legal, AB T0G 1L0

Hotline: +1 780.961.2175

Email: info@chefsbite.com

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